Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome to supportive class

Hey to all, I started this blog to all of our supportive students. You all can contribute in this blog.

Mariyappan and Prabha are representative's of supportive class. In our supportive class, we have students from English, statistics, Journalism, and economics dept. Happy to see all smart students here in this class. Especially Gowrisankar, praveen, ragupathi, sam, priya, banu, azarudeen, etc. I welcome questions from all of you from next class onwards. Sathya selan, your name is really good. Saranya, Gangadevi, Shanthi, and ramesh you are so calm and good in nature. Dhanya, I accept you have socialization skill.

Ok friends, this is our blog. you just post your material and not only subject matters. you can write here whatever you want. English dept students you can write poem here and other dept students also can write your interests.

Hey, below every post you can see comment option. Click the option and share what you think about our class and you can also share about your friends attitude in supportive class. Because, your friends may have some good things. you can share here. It may be the chance for everyone of our students to know about your friends.

Start sharing your knowledge here. Thank you.


  1. Hlo ma'am, its hapy 2 c u thru tis blog. its new 2 me. thnk u 4 introducing such a thing. i believe,v can xplore d world n learn the present trick of the trade.v'l b sharng our thoughts n works in the upcoming days f our life.

  2. Thanks for your comments sam. Happy to see your active participation and expect your articles as well. Here, in this blog, You can share your knowledge and thoughts on psychology.

  3. Hi, mam am vishnu durga,I like ur class & am very happy 2 join in our blog. Mam i need to change my topic, am not satisfied. Please can u change my topic.

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  5. helo ma'am, tis learning is a new xperience to me. i'l keep in touch vit u.

  6. dear mam
    your way of teaching through net is very interesting. i am very glad to see in net

  7. Hi Vishnu durga, Glad to see your comments. Sure, you can select different topic which you wish. Do onething, go through syllabus and tell me the topic which you are interested. Is it ok for u?

    Shanthi, Its really interesting to see your comments. Why did you delete that comment. Its fun. Let others see What you have written, Friends, the following line is written by shanthi "hay Vishnu, ne enna periya appa takar ah? antha topic laye pannu"

    Shanthi, It's really fun. We are expecting more from you. Start your writing here. In the right top of blog, there is a link called new post, click and write some topics on our syllabus oriented. Thanks for your comments.

    Wow! is it saleema? r u there? Wr were u madam? anyway happy to see you here. C u in next class.