Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Seminar Titles

Hello Friends these are the seminar title for us. So far,i did get, only from the below mentioned friends. I kindly ask the rest to give me your titles.
R.Praveen - Psychological Method
K.Mariappan - Attention
M.Prabha - Human thoughts and Behaviours
S.Saleema Banu - Selective Attention
N.Priyadharsini - Heredity and Environment
M.Shanthi Krithika - Perception
Siruthai Suresh - Principles of Learning
Ragupathi - Sensory Process and Psychology
D.Gowrishankar - Approaches of Psychology
T.Sathyaseelan - Division of Attention
J.Prince Sam Paul - Personality Development
M.Ramesh - Motivation

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Syllabus - Supportive Course

Dear students

I update you the syllabus of supportive course. Hope, you already started studying, if you are not, have a look on this syllabus and start your preparation. Hey, if possible anyone of you can write the topic name and the presenter who is taking seminar on that topic. I think, sam can do this job. Hi sam, get a list of topics from shanthi and update here. hi azar, wr were u? why didnt you update your material? start doing fast.

Introductory Psychology:

Introduction: The Nature and scope of Psychology - Consciousness and Bahavior - Methods and Fields

Biological Bases of Human Behavior: Heredity and Environment - The role of sensory processes and Human behavior

Attention, Perception and Learning: Selective Attention - Sorting out the world - Division of Attention - Perception: Visual, form and Movement - Learning Principles -Memory and Forgetting

Intelligence and Creativity: Intelligence - IQ - Measuring Intelligence - Mental Retardation - Gifted - Creativity - Problem Solving

Personality and Motivation: Theories of Personality - Assessment and its Development - Human Motivation - Needs - Understanding Emotions

This is our syllabus, Focus on your syllabus, You need to write a first test on 16th feb. Concentrate first three units for the first test. second test on 16th march, the whole units.

You all need to submit your assignments on feb 21st.

Start update your materials soon. Thank you.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome to supportive class

Hey to all, I started this blog to all of our supportive students. You all can contribute in this blog.

Mariyappan and Prabha are representative's of supportive class. In our supportive class, we have students from English, statistics, Journalism, and economics dept. Happy to see all smart students here in this class. Especially Gowrisankar, praveen, ragupathi, sam, priya, banu, azarudeen, etc. I welcome questions from all of you from next class onwards. Sathya selan, your name is really good. Saranya, Gangadevi, Shanthi, and ramesh you are so calm and good in nature. Dhanya, I accept you have socialization skill.

Ok friends, this is our blog. you just post your material and not only subject matters. you can write here whatever you want. English dept students you can write poem here and other dept students also can write your interests.

Hey, below every post you can see comment option. Click the option and share what you think about our class and you can also share about your friends attitude in supportive class. Because, your friends may have some good things. you can share here. It may be the chance for everyone of our students to know about your friends.

Start sharing your knowledge here. Thank you.