Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Seminar Titles

Hello Friends these are the seminar title for us. So far,i did get, only from the below mentioned friends. I kindly ask the rest to give me your titles.
R.Praveen - Psychological Method
K.Mariappan - Attention
M.Prabha - Human thoughts and Behaviours
S.Saleema Banu - Selective Attention
N.Priyadharsini - Heredity and Environment
M.Shanthi Krithika - Perception
Siruthai Suresh - Principles of Learning
Ragupathi - Sensory Process and Psychology
D.Gowrishankar - Approaches of Psychology
T.Sathyaseelan - Division of Attention
J.Prince Sam Paul - Personality Development
M.Ramesh - Motivation